Insulating the ceiling

Large areas of ceilings in a private home means a high heat consumption. For insulation and to avoid fungus and mold, you should choose high-quality, waterproof and fireproof, environmentally friendly material.

In a private home, it is desirable to insulate the ceiling and the attic, and inside the room. The attic is insulated with sawdust with lime inclusions and expanded clay. In your spare time, you can learn how an electric lawnmower works.

To insulate the ceilings inside the room, you should build a profile construction, pre-tightening the ceiling with a film, which will prevent the ingress of moisture and will not let the ceiling leak with a dilapidated roof. Optimal is considered a two-layer laying of wool. Fasten the insulation with screws, you can also use assembly foam. For wiring fixtures, you can cut the necessary recesses in the wool. When conducting electrical wires, the material should be insulated.

In a private house it is desirable to insulate the attic ceiling. It is obligatory to make waterproofing under the roof, wool must be laid in at least two layers. It is not necessary to press the thermal insulation, as the air inside the material keeps the heat. After laying, the wool should be tightened with parchment.