Cork flooring

In the market of construction materials, there are a huge number of coatings designed for the floor. Prices will please any buyer, but, despite this, buyers pay attention only to safe materials. This includes cork flooring.

Today, the coating made of cork oak bark is chosen by three out of five buyers. High-quality cork boards are not inferior even to parquet. In addition, this material is very suitable for children’s rooms (or ordinary bedrooms), as does not cause allergies, does not allow fungi and microbes to poison the life of the owners. You can put linoleum on top of the cork cover. How to lay linoleum yourself can learn everyone who owns the Internet.

Thanks to the high moisture resistance of this material can be freely used in the bathroom. In addition, such a parquet serves as additional (and sometimes so necessary) sound and thermal insulation.

Cork covers come in two varieties: one-layer and, respectively, two-layer. One-layer coating consists only of cork parquet, but the two-layer is also supplemented with veneer, which is laid on top of the parquet. The material is very pleasant to the touch, and the color palette will amaze even the most demanding customer.

Maintenance of the coating is simple – a wet rag and a vacuum cleaner, that’s all ways to clean.