LEGAL EXPERTS IN CYPRUS ARE AT YOUR SERVICE: Individual Approach and Professionalism

Located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus has long established itself as an attractive place to do business, live and invest.

Our team of experienced lawyers and consultants is ready to offer you a wide range of services to make your experience of interaction with the legal system of Cyprus as comfortable and effective as possible.

1. Wills and legacies

Making a will and managing an inheritance are important aspects that require careful legal support. Our experts will help you make a will in accordance with Cyprus law, ensuring that your assets and the interests of your heirs are protected. We also offer services related to inheritance management, dispute resolution and registration of necessary documents for entering into an inheritance.

2. Registration of companies in Cyprus

Cyprus is known for its favorable tax regime and favorable geographical location, which makes it an ideal place to start a business. We offer full support in the process of registering a company: from choosing a legal form to obtaining all the necessary permits and licenses. Our services include consulting on tax, regulatory compliance, and corporate governance issues.

3. Opening bank accounts

Opening a bank account in Cyprus can be a complex process without proper support. We help you choose a reliable bank, prepare and submit all the necessary documents, and provide support at all stages of opening an account. Our experts will help you overcome bureaucratic obstacles and provide the fastest and most effective solution.

4. Obtaining a residence permit in Cyprus

Cyprus offers various residence permit programs for foreign citizens. We will help you choose the most suitable program, prepare and submit all the necessary documents, and provide support at all stages of the process. Regardless of the purpose of your stay — whether it is work, study or investment – we guarantee a professional approach and high quality of services.

5. Permanent residence in Cyprus

Obtaining permanent residence in Cyprus opens up many opportunities, including the right to travel visa-free to EU countries. Our team provides comprehensive services for permanent residence registration, including advice on choosing the most suitable program, assistance in collecting and submitting documents, as well as full support at all stages of the process.

6. Obtaining Cyprus citizenship

Cyprus citizenship provides access to a wide range of rights and privileges, including the right to live, work and study in EU countries. We offer full legal support in the process of obtaining citizenship, including assistance in choosing a suitable program (investor program, program for persons with Cypriot origin, etc.), preparation of all necessary documents and their submission to the relevant authorities.

7. Execution of purchase and sale transactions

The Cyprus real estate market attracts many foreign investors due to its favorable conditions and stable growth. We offer comprehensive services in support of real estate purchase and sale transactions, including legal analysis of the object, verification of property rights, preparation and signing of the contract, as well as registration of property rights in the relevant authorities. Our experts will ensure the security and legal purity of your transactions.


By contacting us, you will have access to highly qualified legal assistance and advice on all aspects of Cyprus law. Our team of experts is ready to offer an individual approach to each client and ensure high-quality execution of all necessary procedures. Contact us to learn more and start working together.