Finnish teams

During the combination of enormous experience, the use of modern technologies and demanding demand in the building materials market, Finnish specialists created a special modification of the sandwich panel, which is improved. As a result, the house erected from such panels is endowed with great comfort and comfort, regardless of the weather. The value of the walls thickness reaches 250 millimeters, and if you compare them with thick meter walls, the Finnish house has similar heat and sound insulation qualities. In addition, the decoration of the house is performed by facing bricks.

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Due to the use of high -precision equipment, the probability of errors and deviations in individual elements during the technological process completely disappears. Any detail and element are completely compatible, and this is a guarantee of a long service life. The feasibility of installing this kind of houses is manifested where the weakness of the soil is noted, since the ease of design excludes unnecessary effects on the foundation base, which can not be said about brick houses. In addition, the design of such a house allows you to include terraces, balconies, and also paint the roof.