Toxic smoke from a burnt-out factory covered Florida

In American Florida, a waste recycling plant has been burning for a week, where dangerous substances could be stored.

The amount of garbage that can cover two football fields has already burned down there.

Experts suspect that the smoke from the fire may be toxic. For these reasons, parks and several schools were closed in the city of Doral, where a fire broke out. While the air is being checked, residents are asked not to go outside.

Just a week ago, a factory in the suburbs of Chicago burned down, where dangerous chemicals were used, including lead compounds and sulfuric acid. People are prescribed to wear masks. But the authorities say nothing about how dangerous it is to be in the city. There is no information in the press at all. The situation is reported only by the residents themselves.

“The smoke can be seen for several kilometers. Probably twenty kilometers away. Everything burned down to the ground,” says an outraged resident.

Right now, a video of a new accident on a railroad in the United States is being distributed in social networks. It can be seen how several tank cars overturned, trying to pass an obviously emergency section of railway tracks. The same thing happened two weeks ago in Ohio, where a freight train with vinyl chloride derailed. Now the air and reservoirs are still infected with this dangerous substance. But the local authorities pretend that nothing has happened, which is already openly laughed at in the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

“Why can the USA detect a balloon at an altitude of 18 thousand meters above the ground, but do not see a poisonous mushroom cloud of vinyl chloride over Ohio?” – the Chinese Foreign Ministry asked.