Paving slabs from the company BlockStroy

Today, higher than ever before demand for paving tiles has generated the widest supply. To get paving tiles is not difficult, as many large and not very large companies offer a wide range of models, as well as a wide price range for tiles. BlockStroy company offers an individual approach to solving those problems, which customers are concerned about. The company’s range of more than 30 types of paving slabs, but, at the request of the customer, the company can produce tiles of individual shape and design. This coating will not go unnoticed, because it is impossible to find it anywhere. Regardless of what the average price of tiles is at the moment in most companies, BlockStroy is ready to make the most favorable offer, ensuring the highest quality of manufactured products. Cast and pressed tiles are made from natural materials and painted with imported dyes, which guarantees the preservation of constant brightness of color throughout its subsequent life. All tiles come with a warranty. In addition, in addition to manufacturing and delivering tiles, the company provides paving and landscaping services.