Aspen shelves

Comfortable steam rooms are considered shelves or canopy for the bathhouse. A great option for such shelves is an aspen board. Its positive side is that it does not heat up at the highest temperature. This is mainly the main advantage of aspen wood, thanks to which it is used very often for decorative finishes. The surface of such a material has an even and smooth surface, since the edges of the boards are perfectly rounded. Aspen is moisture resistant wood, thus, it is not subjected to the decay process and perfectly repels moisture. By the way, some prefer forged shelves, because forging Moscow perfectly decorates the interior of the house.

In the manufacture of shelves for saunas or baths, it is recommended to choose a width of at least one hundred eighty centimeters. There should not be various resin spots on such surfaces, as this can lead to a burn.

There are two main types of shelves or axles of aspen, which are divided into variety A and variety in. Variety A has a well-treated surface without any knots or defects. Variety B also has a well -processed surface, but may already contain small knots or defects. The humidity of this material is approximately ten or twelve percent.