How to make beam floors

The article refers to the preparation and installation of floors in the house.


Paul with the ceiling should be attached to something in the house. For this, supporting elements are used – beams. Groats are made under the beams in the wall of the house, which are adjusted by level and processed with bitumen. In brick walls with bitumen mastic, the ends of the beams are treated.


Beams are placed in parallel, after about 1m. Their dimensions are chosen by load. For savings, instead of beams, you can use a rubberized board installed on the rib. Logs are also used, which are essentially unprocessed beams.

Wooden beams cover openings up to 5m wide. If the opening is more, then intermediate supports are placed under the beams. To lay waterproofing and insulation, side bars are nailed to the beams and the warm floor is covered with parquet boards. Waterproofing with insulation creeps on the boards. On top of the beams you can lay the floor if the interbacular distance does not exceed 0.8m. Otherwise, the floor is lined on the lags nailed across the beams. The attic overlap should withstand at the top the load from the living room.