Infrared floor, what it is

Infrared floor is one of the most convenient and economical heating systems indoors.

It consists of the finest carbon film from the surface of which, infrared rays are radiated. Inside this film there are graphite strips interconnected by thin wires, under a voltage of 220 volts.

Graphite, unlike other heating systems, has great thermal conductivity, which in turn allows you to quickly heat the surfaces, with significant energy savings, which is very important at the expensive cost of electricity. If you want to install an infrared floor after replacing the wiring, then you will need a VVG cable and a competent electrician.

Infrared floor works when connecting to the mains indoors. The surface of the film is heated and infrared waves radiate, which in turn heats opaque objects, as a result of the premises of the room as a whole.

Infrared floors have a number of advantages over other heating systems.

Heating occurs quickly enough up to 55 degrees, the film melts at a higher temperature.

The floors consist of the finest and resistant film.

Ground stripes can be of any length, depending on the room.

It works for ordinary voltage on the network.

The heating element of the graphite has high thermal conductivity.