How to choose property in Northern Cyprus and rules

The island of Cyprus is rightfully considered one of the pearls of the Mediterranean. It has a wonderful climate, a long coastline with excellent beaches.

There are favorable conditions for investing in real estate. We offer buy apartments in northern Cyprus, where there is a large selection.

Features of the settlement

One of the small towns where you can purchase various real estate properties is Esentepe. It is located in the northern part of the island, next to the resorts of Kyrenia and Alsancak. The number of residents is about five thousand people, but during the holiday season it increases significantly due to visitors.

The city has a port from where ships and boats depart for various boat trips. You can rent one of these vehicles to admire the beautiful seascapes and sail along the coast. There is also a beach that offers all the conditions for relaxation.

The main attraction is the archaeological site “Ancient City of Antiphonidis”, testifying to the ancient culture of the island. The Byzantine period of history is represented by the Buffavento Castle. There is a beach near the city where two species of sea turtles lay their eggs and hatch each year. It is a nature reserve.

Clean sea water, a beautiful mountain landscape, cafes and restaurants, a golf club and other entertainment venues provide a wide variety of recreational opportunities.

Buying a property

If you want to buy villas in northern Cyprus, then Esentepe offers a wide variety of properties. The area of ​​the villas ranges from 150 to 500 square meters, their cost starts from 150 thousand euros.

Apartments are also offered here; the price for a one-room apartment can start from 50 thousand euros, which is a relatively inexpensive option. Most of this type of housing is located in new buildings, equipped with all engineering and information communications.

Another type of residential property that can be purchased in the city is townhouses. Their area can range from 80 to 200 square meters, the number of bedrooms can range from two to four, prices start at 80 thousand euros per room.

In addition to purchasing, it offers rental property for the period of your stay on the island. The period can start from several days, but there is an option to rent for a month, season or year. An apartment will cost 300 euros or more per month, a villa 1000 euros or more.

Property can be purchased for recreation, for investment purposes, or as a permanent home.