Protective paints

Silicone enamels and varnishes create coatings that are resistant to high and low temperatures and provide electrical insulation, oil, gasoline and water resistance. Varnishes of this type are used to create a protective coating of unpolished wood, concrete, slate, brick, metal. Enamel coating construction materials used in conditions of variable humidity and temperature, give products resistance even to salt spray.

Based on acrylic and alkyd dispersions, water-dispersion enamel is produced. It is resistant to detergents, light and water. The level of toxicity of this material is reduced, it is easy to use (does not require a preliminary priming), can be used to paint porous surfaces. At your leisure it will be useful to learn more about radiation control. Quick-drying enamels can be used for painting lighting fixtures, fibreboard and chipboard as well as cars. At 20 degrees the coating is fully formed in 4 hours, and at 80 degrees – only half an hour.

Acrylic enamels are considered basic for computer calibration. Intended for finishing of wooden surfaces and metal constructions with a preliminary primer. Suitable for kitchen works, as the coating is particularly resistant to repeated wet cleaning with detergents and does not yellow.