The best area to live in Cyprus: tips for choosing real estate

Cyprus is an island captivating with its beauty and diversity. From sunny beaches to mountain peaks, from busy cities to quiet villages, from luxurious villas to cozy houses – everyone can find their own corner here where the soul will find peace and harmony.

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A heartbeat city that beats to the rhythm of the international community. Here life is in full swing, and the aromas of the sea, coffee and spices are intertwined with the noise of trendy bars and the laughter of tourists. Limassol is home to luxury boutiques, museums, cinemas, active recreation on the beaches, and an inexhaustible stream of new experiences. For those who like to be in the center of events, the city cannot imagine life without a pulse and dynamics. Here are properties for sale in Cyprus of various price categories, so you can choose the best option.


The city is an artful mosaic of history and modernity, where ancient ruins rub shoulders with fine dining and quiet streets lead to magical beaches. Paphos is a place for those who seek immersion in history, love art and culture, and appreciate tranquility and luxury. Here you can walk in the footsteps of ancient civilizations, enjoy the atmosphere of historical places and take a break from the bustle of big cities.


A city with a unique port charm, where history intertwines with modernity. It has quiet streets, cheerful cafes, cozy shops, and magical beaches, as if created for slow walks. Larnaca is an ideal place for those who value peace and comfort, privacy and the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of real Cyprus.

Oases of tranquility

Cypriot villages are tranquility and hospitality. Here time flows slowly, and life is filled with sunny days, the aroma of traditional dishes and friendly conversations over a cup of tea. Each village has a cozy courtyard where you can sit at a table with local residents, listen to their stories and feel the real spirit of Cyprus.

Island within an island

Northern Cyprus is a separate world, shrouded in mystery and charm. Here majestic mountains meet the clearest sea, and cozy villages are modestly located among the green hills. Northern Cyprus is a paradise for lovers of nature, outdoor activities and untouched beauty.

Each region of Cyprus is a separate story, with its own atmosphere, character and charm. Which one will be yours? This decision depends on your desires.