Winemaking in South Africa today

Perhaps the concept of “winemaking” most people associate with excellent French, Italian, which have recently become insanely popular Argentine, well, at the very least, domestic wines. On the products of the wine industry in South Africa has so far been little talked about and, as it turns out quite undeservedly. South Africa’s fertile soil is extremely fertile for growing grapes, and the unique natural conditions fill their varieties with unparalleled qualities. Since the beginning of the new century, rich investments have poured into this promising industry, and today it is considered almost the most profitable in this country. In addition to the traditional Cabernet and Sauvignon, exceptional wines such as Shiraz, Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc are produced here as well as purely South African inventions like Beaumont, Malinois and Sauvignon Blanc. In our country these wines are a rarity, because, for the most part, the export part of wine products from South Africa is designed for the British market. But let us hope that very soon this situation will change and the lovers of the drink of the gods in our country will be able to appreciate the charm of South African wines.