In Rostov-on-Don the congress hall, which is the largest in the region, was launched

The largest congress-hall in the region started its work in Rostov-on-Don. Its area is 7,000 square meters. м. There is also a concert hall for a thousand and a half seats, said a representative of the Don Technical University. This facility is the property of the University, as it was built by his forces, but it will use not only the university. The construction work has been carried out for 5 years and cost 500 million rubles.

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The constructed congress-hall is the largest in Rostov for congresses, conventions, conferences and other major events. In addition to a hall with a capacity of 1,500. seats, equipped with projection equipment and movie screens, the building has rooms for student KVN rehearsals, for vocal classes, a hall for press conferences, VIP-rooms. The first concert on the opening of this congress-hall will take place today, Ukhta Technical University and DSTU creative teams will perform in it. And this concert will be completed by MakSim and 5sta Family band.