Advantages of traveling in Sicily and the best places for tourists

Don’t know where to go on vacation? Tired of the noise of the big city and its eternal bustle? Then Sicilian excursion will definitely meet your expectations. You will go to a beautiful island, which is considered the largest in the Mediterranean Sea. What places are worth visiting if you decide to take such a trip?


This is the capital of Sicily, where you can admire the architecture of a mixture of different cultures. Visit lush parks and gardens for a rewarding walk. Try traditional Sicilian dishes at the local markets that will leave you in awe.


The city is located right at the foot of Mount Etna. It is famous for its Baroque architecture. Catania is also the starting point for visiting the most active volcano in Europe.


A charming resort town that offers stunning views of the sea and Mount Etna. Taormina is famous for its ancient theater and very cozy streets. The hotels here are truly amazing, so your stay will be comfortable.


The most beautiful town on the island. There are a lot of archaeological sites and magnificent cathedrals here. Be sure to stroll through the cozy streets of Ortigia to soak in the spirit of history.

Valle dei Templi

The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento is considered the most impressive archaeological site in Sicily. You will see many ancient Greek temples that are perfectly preserved even to this day.

Palermo Cathedral

It is also known to tourists as the Cathedral of Messina. This is the most significant religious building in Italy. The relics of Emperor Frederick II are kept here.

Region Marsala

It is famous for its wineries and the production of Marsala wine. You should visit this place to taste the best varieties of the drink and learn a lot about the history of alcohol production.

Noto City

UNESCO-recognized masterpiece of Baroque architecture. Here you will enjoy the chic architecture and incredible atmosphere that permeates the old city.

Lipari Island

This archipelago is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea. This is your opportunity to enjoy clear waters, active volcanoes and truly luxurious sandy beaches.

Book Sicily tours now for an unforgettable vacation. You will be able to get a sea of ​​new emotions and impressions, so you will not regret your decision!