Install the door-compartment by your own efforts

To install a new door-compartment with your own hands enough to have the right tools, decide on the size of the doorway, where the door will be located. With them go to any available construction store, where you can buy a suitable cloth slightly larger than the opening itself. You will also need a bar of wood twice the length of the opening. And do not forget the self-tapping screws with which the entire structure will be attached.

Now you can begin to work. First of all you need to fix the guide rail with self-tapping screws. Then set your bar to the top edge of the bar horizontally. Exactly horizontally, so that the doors Sophia themselves do not open and close. Now attach the bottom rail.

Expose the guide rollers (upper, lower). Tighten them so that they run smoothly. And if you are satisfied with their work, then proceed to the next step. Install the door handles so that they open the doors on both sides. Most importantly, remember that compartment doors poorly protect against noise, which means that first think about your decision, to install such doors, carefully.