Choice of paint

Paint is used wherever possible. Even concrete is being tinted. Paint is actively used not only indoors, but also outdoors, where it is exposed to various atmospheric effects. Each paint differs in the components used in its manufacture. And the longevity of any enamel and paint depends a lot on it. Any paint necessarily includes three elements: binder, filler and pigment. These ingredients form a binding base, called a film-forming agent. The quality of the paint depends on it, t.к. it binds all paint elements to the painted surface.

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In most cases, the binder base is materials such as latex, oil and emulsion. Thus paint is divided into several types: latex, oil and epoxy. The drying time and durability of a paint depends on the choice of a certain type of paint. Except for the binder and pigment, in any paint additives are added that are designed to enhance the characteristics of the paint material. One type of paint can include from 8 to 16 types of components. The quality of the paint depends largely on how well the additives have been selected.