Types of tile

Perhaps the house, which would not have been ceramic tiles, now rare enough to meet. Ceramic tile is a fairly convenient material, especially for rooms that are in constant contact with water, such as bathroom, bathroom, kitchen. On the shelves of stores now you can find a huge selection of this cladding of different textures and designs. There are different types of ceramic tiles. Consider some of them:

– Monocottura. Tiles, which are used both in the interior and for tiling the exterior of the house.

– Bicottura. This tile lined walls, sometimes used as a floor covering.

– Monoporosa. These tiles can be put only indoors and only on the walls.

– Cotto, clinker tiles. Tile is durable enough. It can be used literally anywhere.

Types of ceramic tiles differ from each other by the degree of firing, as well as the application of glaze. In any case, every fastidious buyer will be able to find a tile of the right strength, with the right pattern to make your interior quite exclusive. Fortunately, manufacturers are happy to provide such an opportunity.