Glazing of the balcony: cold or warm?

Sooner or later, we think about the glazing of the balcony. How it happens, and what type of glazing should you choose? The most popular options are cold and warm glazing.

For those who use the balcony and loggia throughout the year. You need to choose warm glazing. It will allow the use of the balcony as an additional room. It will be warm there and you will be pleased to be on its territory. Warm glazing is more costly, so be prepared to spend a large amount on this. But warm glazing will save you from drafts, wind and noise from the street completely. You can feel in a reliable and protected house. Such an opportunity is very good.

Every resident of the apartment dreams of a beautiful balcony. Now there are a lot of ideas for the design of the balcony. There you can organize any room. It will certainly be for you with a complement and the embodiment of all your desires. The balcony is a very cozy place if you arrange it with a soul. To do this, you need to spend a lot of time at all.

The balcony very often eats a useful area, which is not good, but with the correct design of it, you can get an excellent layout.