Services of a professional locksmith for delicate opening of a car lock

A damaged lock on a car door, a lost key, or leaving it inside the car when the locking device is closed – all this causes problems for drivers. Sometimes they act rashly, breaking a door or breaking glass. This should not be done, because it is possible to call a locksmith and perform an autopsy delicately, without damaging the car. It is worth finding out more information on about the activities of such a company.

Features of the service

The company is called “Phoenix Car Keys” and operates in many cities and regions of the UK. One of the company’s points of activity is Nottingham and the surrounding area.

Among the cases that will require calling a specialist, or ordering a certain service from a company, it is worth highlighting:

  1. The key is forgotten in the car, or the car door lock is broken, the car itself is locked. In this case, it is worth indicating the car model, year of manufacture, so that the master knows what type of lock he will have to deal with.
  2. Key making or programming is required to have a duplicate unlocking device. A key identical to the old one will be created, but you do not need to provide the original.
  3. When children or pets are locked inside the car, an urgent opening is required. In this situation, it is necessary to notify the company so that a specialist can come urgently and open the car within 15-20 minutes.
  4. If the operation of the keys has shortcomings in the form of failures in opening and closing doors, jamming of locks, then the company’s specialists will understand the reasons for what is happening and carry out proper repairs or replacement of the locking device if it is not possible to correct the defect.

When calling a specialist, it is worth explaining the situation in detail, indicating the exact location of the vehicle, its signs, so that the specialist can quickly find the object.

Advantages of the company

Phoenix Car Keys employs experienced craftsmen with extensive experience. They know all the secrets of the systems, can accurately determine the nature and cause of the malfunction and quickly solve the problem. For repairs, the most delicate, gentle opening method is chosen so that the machine can be used without problems, without having to take it for repairs.

The company operates 24 hours a day and can be contacted on weekends and holidays without restrictions.

The cost of the services is low, it is much more profitable than buying a new lock, or carrying out repair work on the car after breaking the door yourself.