Gold necklace with a cross: advantages and what to wear with it

Neck jewelry has always had a special status: symbols of faith, power, and social status were worn on the neck. They have always been especially luxurious and attractive. Modern fashion does not abandon old traditions, choosing all kinds of chokers, necklaces and chokers. A necklace with a cross, for example, a double cross necklace, looks especially interesting. Some are prejudiced against such decoration – and completely in vain.


A necklace with a cross is an incredibly stylish accessory. This is a very fashionable detail of the image that looks attractive and luxurious. And at the same time – just in a good way. The decoration is universal and self-sufficient.

Many perceive the cross solely as a symbol of faith. To some extent, this corresponds to the truth: wearing a cross shows belonging to a certain faith or culture. But with the modern rethinking of any image, the cross has moved away from its original religious function. Everyone can wear it. And yet the cross on the neck evokes thoughts of high spirituality and purity of ideals.

There are many cross necklaces available today. Simple and complex, decorated with precious stones and devoid of inlay, complemented by other elements such as beads and hearts and laconic in their original simplicity. And how different the chain can be! Thin and massive, openwork and simple, woven from several shades of gold or bearing the usual sunny color… The necklace is incredibly diverse.

What to wear with

Few pieces of jewelry can be called truly universal. And the gold necklace with a cross is one of them. You can wear it under any clothes, in any setting. It looks appropriate in a work or holiday environment, and looks great in any style.

There are still general recommendations. For example, multi-layered jewelry is in fashion today. It is worth wearing several necklaces or chains at the same time. You can complement them with an interesting choker or a small necklace. The main thing is to maintain unity of style. But with the unity of color, everything is not so simple. Today it is allowed to wear gold and silver jewelry together, gold of different shades. But since the cross still carries some spiritual meaning, it is better to choose proven yellow gold.

Usually a cross is worn on top of clothes, less often in a neckline. It is not customary to hide it under clothes. This applies to both religious symbols and purely decorative necklaces: it is better to leave the golden cross in sight.