Ways to protect the unfinished building

Not everyone will manage to build a house in one season. The reasons to suspend the construction can be different: financial problems, lack of materials, a shortage of free time, etc. But even more reasons and fears not to leave an unfinished building without protection in the open air – cracks, chips, detachment may appear, the building can unevenly settle.

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Therefore, in the cold season, be sure to preserve your structure!

If you only managed to fill in the foundation, lay out all the available cracks (if water freezes in them, the base under the house will inevitably begin to collapse) and cover the foundation with a roofing material or a dense plastic film. It makes sense along the foundation to dig trenches for removal of melt or rainwater.

If you also erected the walls, make a temporary roof. As a rule, it is a grill knocked out of boards and covered with a layer of roofing material. In order to avoid possible leaks, the roofing material is overwhelmed.

Window and doorways should be scored with plastic wrap or roofing material. In several places it is better to leave small cracks, so that due to excess moisture in the unfinished building does not appear mold.