Wall masonry materials

Depending on the load, the walls of the buildings are divided into supporting, self -supporting, unnecessary. The following requirements are presented to them: strength, durability, fire resistance, energy conservation, maintain heat, good soundproofing properties, and have a structure that meets modern requirements. The thickness of the walls complies with building standards. By type of material, the walls can be stone, wooden, combined. Stone walls are placed from ceramic brick, silicate brick, wall blocks. Ceramic brick has been used for a long time, has durability, frost resistance, heat and sound insulation, beautiful appearance. The most common construction stone. Conducting houses in Izhevsk must use wall masonry materials.

Silicate brick appeared relatively recently and gained popularity due to its qualities.

In its production, many color shades and the desired geometry of the stone are obtained.

Wall blocks are used in the construction of load -bearing walls and internal partitions.

Ceramzitonic blocks have strength, lightness, good sound and thermal insulation. But expanded clay concrete, this limits its use. Use in supporting structures in construction.