What is the difference between dry gradins

In modern industry, gradins were active in active distribution. Their initial purpose was to cool the capacitors installed at power plants. But at the moment they are also used in order to control the temperature in the process of work of a variety of mechanisms.

Grauds can be made in a variety of versions, but the so -called dry (or radiator) are most common. As is clear by the name, as a surface transmitting heat, they use radiators in the form of tubes with a large number of ribs. Today industrial gradins, dry are especially in demand.

The principle of operation of such an aggregate is that the heat that releases the heated medium flowing through the radiator tubes is cooled thanks to the convection mechanism. In this case, this environment has no direct contact with air. Sometimes the pipes of gradier are irrigated from the outside with water.

Different metals and alloys are used for the manufacture of dry gradilers. Especially often you can find products, the material for the production of which is aluminum or steel. The cost of such graduals is high, although practice shows that their performance is not too high.