Blinds installation

Installing blinds

You can install blinds on the outside or inside of the window opening, hang them directly on the sashes. Depending on the chosen size, it is necessary to reduce the standard web. When installing blinds inside the opening, you must subtract 4 cm from its width, and about 2 cm from its height; to install blinds outside, you must add 10 cm in width and length; when mounting blinds on the sashes, you must add 3 cm in width of the glass. Now many began to install beautiful concrete stairs in Moscow – stroyecogarant you can buy them inexpensively.

Blinds should be installed so that they do not interfere with tilting or swinging the sashes, opening the sash or transom window. There should also be no interference from nearby objects. To cut to width horizontal blinds, laying them on a table, it is necessary to measure off an extra part on each side and cut off a rail and eaves with a metal saw, being careful not to damage lamellae at the same time.

When reducing the height of horizontal blinds, it is necessary to take out the parts located under the bottom eaves and release the cord. After untying the knots, the lamellas are released. When aligning the louvers, the extra lamellae are removed, where the bottom link is installed in the cornice. When assembling the bottom eave, the loose ends of the cord are cut. When reducing the height of vertical blinds lamellae should be cut with ordinary scissors, and with a metal saw to reduce the length of the control rail.