Types of foundations

Basically, the construction of houses made of wood of absolutely any building begins with the foundation. But not every foundation can meet all requirements. There are several types of foundations. To begin with, consider the columnar type of foundation, and it is one of the most common. This foundation has gained its popularity due to its practicality. In addition, this version of the foundation is considered more or less economical. It is mainly used in areas where there is a lot of depth in the ground. If the building has several floors, it is undesirable to install such a foundation. In addition, it is undesirable to install solid walls and you should try to avoid such mistakes in the foundation design.

The second type of foundation is considered a strip foundation, and compared to the column foundation for its installation needs a lot of time. In addition, for the construction of the foundation you need building materials. That is why such a foundation is not considered economical compared to the pole foundation. According to the structure, strip foundations are either solid, or monolithic blocks are used. But despite the fact that there are these disadvantages, this type of foundation is considered more reliable and is used in almost any type of building.