Types of stones

Artificial stone blocks can resemble real stone made of monolithic concrete. However, nor compare of course to sump stone.

The real natural stone

Sandstone, limestone and granite are all good for construction.

Flint and slate are laid by special methods, they are often used in combination with other materials.

Where to get stone

For those who live in the city, it will be a small problem when buying natural stone. You can buy a few boulders for the rose garden center, but you may not have the right amount. Exit one, to purchase natural stone, truck baw fenix 1044 and to the quarry.

Estimating the quantity required

Many quarries sell stone by the ton. Once you have decided on the size of the walls, you need to get advice on types and volumes of material. After the selected amount you can take the car, gozovik.

Artificial stone blocks

For garden walls the face sides of concrete blocks are made with a special texture, which is similar to that of natural stone.

Special blocks are put on the mortar and combined in a proper way and look like a real masonry. Eaves, or ridge tiles, of various kinds, complete our construction.