Working with plywood

Working with any kind of material requires knowledge of its features and technical characteristics. If you work with stone, it can chip off, and wood can crack. FK plywood is considered to be the most resistant to processing, because it is made by bonding layers of veneer. It is possible to work with it by hand tools and electric ones. But, we must take into account the fact that the glue used to make plywood can lead to rapid wear and tear of the nozzles. The best option would be to use the factory cut plywood. Moisture-resistant plywood requires a high speed setting when processing it.

It is necessary to cut the plywood along the fibers and use a hand or band saw when doing this. It is necessary to drill into the plywood only from the front side. For nails, choose threaded fasteners or screws. The length of the nail must be 2.5 times the thickness of the plywood and must sink into it. To do this best use nails with large hats.

In the manufacture of furniture plywood is attached to structures using screw structures. Screws are used, which can be screwed on the wrong side.

Working with plywood isn’t easy, but it’s possible. You just need the right approach to it.