A simple way to expand the window sill

Many of us can’t get enough of the standard width of the window sill. And when it comes to lovers to make all the windows in the apartment countless vases of flowers … In general, the problem of narrow window sill more and more often traced in today’s society.

Except that construction companies don’t really bother to take care of people’s needs. Unless, of course, you have installed marble window sills. But even here you should not give up – because there is a fairly easy way to solve this problem by yourself.

To create the desired window sill, we need: paintbrush, paint, brackets, screws of sufficient length and 30-50 mm board. You can start.

To begin with, we determine the desired size of the future window sill. According to the measurements carefully saw a board. Then you need to attach the brackets. This work requires precision and accuracy. Brackets are attached to the bottom of the existing window sill. Since they will bear the brunt of the load, it is necessary to strengthen the brackets with at least three screws. Then we attach the prepared board to them. Once the board is securely fastened, it is necessary to paint it in the color of the window sill, and if you want to repaint the entire structure. After that get rid of the garbage from the work and enjoy the improved window sill.

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