Florida Won’t Help with Trump’s Extradition Request

Florida will not help with the extradition request of former US President Donald Trump, who lives in the state at the Mar-a-Lago residence. This was stated by Florida Governor Ron De Santis on Twitter.

He noted that the Manhattan prosecutor violates the law to attack his political opponent.

“Florida will not help with the extradition request, given the dubious circumstances surrounding… the Manhattan prosecutor and his political plans,” wrote Desantis, who is considered one of Trump’s main competitors in the Republican primaries for the presidential election.

On March 30, a grand jury voted to indict Trump. The former president called what was happening an attempt to interfere in the elections and condemned the “witch hunt” unleashed by radical left-wing Democrats obsessed with the desire to “get Trump.” Opponents, according to him, “went to the unthinkable – charged a completely innocent person.”