In Florida, the train derailed again

In the US state of Florida, a train with chemicals derailed. 135 thousand liters of propane were transported in tanks.

Rescuers had to pump a dangerous substance from overturned containers. Fuel leakage was avoided.

Meanwhile, serious health problems began among residents of East Palestine, Ohio, where a train with vinyl chloride overturned in early February. Now people complain of burning in the eyes, rash and difficulty breathing. And some of them had a strange voice change, as if they had inhaled helium from a balloon.

“My normal low voice now sounds like Mickey Mouse. My chest hurts, and it’s hard to breathe, especially at night. I feel like I’m drowning. I cough up a lot of phlegm. The doctors say that I definitely have chemicals in me,” the American said.

The victims say that the mysterious symptoms have not gone away for more than two weeks. However, according to them, the local authorities still do not carry out any checks and continue to pretend that nothing happened.