Hanging a painting on a concrete wall without suffering


Secrets of masters

Have you ever tried to hammer a nail into a concrete wall?? It’s almost impossible to do without a drill, but you can do it without it if you use glue instead of nails and a hammer.

For this we need duralumin plate size 40 * 50 mm, no more is needed. Twist it into a hook, and the wall is cleaned of wallpaper and putty (the small part, behind the picture). Apply 4-5 layers of glue (liquid nails), letting them dry.

Hook degrease the side that will be glued, then apply a couple of layers of glue, letting the first one dry. Then glue a piece of cotton cloth and let it dry. Now glue it to the wall and leave it for 24 hours, so that the glue “seizes up”. That’s all, now you can hang not very heavy structures on it.

In addition to pictures and photographs this way you can hang a small light shelf, clocks or other lightweight items.

It is very useful to know what people think about capital construction in the light of investment. Perhaps you will also decide to invest in construction?