Insulate an old apartment

When the cold weather arrives, and you see that the temperature in the apartment begins to drop sharply, then you will be faced with the task: to use heaters or to fully insulate your apartment.

Before you begin to insulate your home, you will need to figure out the reason that the house is getting cold with the onset of cold weather. Most often the cause of cold in the apartment can be cracks in the windows. In order to eliminate this reason it will be necessary to insulate windows with foam rubber or other special insulators.

If you live in a panel house, the reason that in the winter time at home is too cold, can become the joints between the tiles. To find out you will need to contact a special company that checks the joints in panel houses.

While the firm will eliminate the cause of the fact that the house is cold enough, you can try to insulate your home yourself. For this, you will need to perform internal insulation with mineral wool, foam, gypsum board. All of these materials retain heat well enough and have a low cost.