A unique green street appeared in America

Chicago has commissioned a unique urban architecture complex on Cermak Road that includes natural landscaping, a wind-powered lighting system, bicycle paths, native drought-tolerant plants, a rainwater harvesting and irrigation system, and innovative concrete that “absorbs smog.”. However, the project, which cost $14 million to complete, will be fully finished when the cooling systems are turned on for the summer season and an outdoor canopy is erected. In fact, the cost of construction is not so huge: according to the architects, the construction of 14 blocks of the complex cost 21 percent less compared to other projects of a similar scale.

From the construction of the new street, the most expected effect is the use of photocatalytic cement to cover the inner lane of the highway, because this is the first commercial use of it. Titanium dioxide nanoparticles in this cement are designed to remove nitrogen oxides (NOx) from the environment as a result of a catalytic reaction based on UV rays. In addition, Green Street’s road and sidewalk surfaces contain up to 30 percent recycled materials, such as cinder, asphalt, roofing felt paving tile price and used rubber tires.