Repair in the nursery

When making the repair of the nursery, you should pay attention to four points – the choice of color, the material of the finish, the choice of lighting and furniture. It is also desirable that the nursery is more than 9 m2. It is important to think well about what will be in the children’s floor. In such rooms it is not recommended to lay the carpet, despite the fact that they are absolutely harmless. Children constantly play on the floor, so it is necessary that it is always clean. But it is the carpet that cannot be completely cleaned of dust, all the more to remove this dirt from under the flooring.  Instead, you can put one or two carpets of wool.  At any time they can be removed and sent to dry cleaning.

Also, such carpets do not roll.  But still, it would be the best solution if you lay the laminate, and the floor itself will be heated. In the child’s room, the upholstered furniture Vologda should be furnished at a minimum.  The shape of the bed, shelves for toys, a table with a chair, a clothing cabinet should be ordinary so that the baby does not distract. And the color should be calm. It is advisable to glue those wallpaper that can be washed on the walls. Since the child can bow them or draw them.  The ceiling can be decorated with applique, such as the starry sky. It is also better if the room does not have a thematic design, since this can contribute to the fact that the development of the baby will be one -sided.  Thematically decorated room is suitable for children from 10 liters.