Cutting a stone block

Cutting a stone block

Sometimes in the process of construction or repair work it becomes necessary to cut the concrete unit into parts. Epoxy floor is very popular now.

It is impossible to break the block into pieces of the desired size, special cutting tools will be required.

It is advisable not to carry out the cutting of the unit in the room.

As tools can be used:

stone -cutting chain saw;

cutting machine;

Kryzuovka on stone, which differs from ordinary larger teeth, up to 1.2 inch.

Chain saws for working on concrete allow you to cut the surface to a depth of 150 mm and at an angle up to 400. The speed of rotation of such a chain saw is 2700 revolutions per minute.

Before starting work, the saw canvas is wetted with water, the mark line is drawn along the alleged cut line. After the cut made on it, from the front surface of the block, it is necessary to remove the sludge. Only a completely dried block can be laid.

If mechanical cutting is impossible, the block can be cut and manually using a hacksaw on the stone.

She needs to use it in compliance with all safety regulations.

After the block was placed on the block, you need to tie it a few centimeters. And then split on the tile with a chisel and a hammer.