Self -laying of carpet

Carpet is considered very convenient and practical in operation by the floor for the floor. It is also not difficult to lay it on your own.

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First you need to level the floor with plywood. After that, you can start direct laying of this carpet coating. You can fix the carpet to the floor in two ways: with the use of glue and without it.

In small rooms, they usually do not use glue. Cut and place the carpet with a margin at the edges of 10 cm. It is aligned from the center to the walls, and the remains are hidden under the baseboard. In the doorway, the coating is fixed with a metal rail.

This flooring is laid both directly on the floor and on a porous rubber substrate. The use of the substrate will increase the life of the carpet. In construction stores, you can purchase a glue designed to glue this coating. If the carpet is laid in pieces, then their compounds are placed in the less passable places of the room. Along the edges, as in the first case, it is fixed with a baseboard.

Car carpet care is very simple: to vacuum periodically, use special detergents, ammonia, napkins when displaying spots.