St. Augustine is the first European city of the USA

St. Augustine is the first US city that was founded by Europeans and has been permanently inhabited since its construction until today.

It is located in the USA in the state of Florida, almost on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, under the protection of an impressive fortress-star.

This city originated in the XVI century, and the first settlers here were Spaniards. St. Augustine is also called quite a European city in America, which will be interesting to all travelers interested in history and architecture. So, for those who love small European towns, welcome to northeast Florida.

St. Augustine is a city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the southeastern United States in the state of Florida, founded in 1565 by the Spaniards and personally by Admiral Pedro Menendez de Aviles, the first governor of Florida. And the first name of the city was San Agustin, that is, St. Augustine, since the Spaniards, after a long voyage, saw the land on St. Augustine’s day.

The city of St. Augustine from the very beginning became the capital of East Florida, and continued to be it even during the English rule, which lasted 20 years. Only in 1824, after the conquest of Florida by the Americans, the capital was moved to the city of Tallahassee and remains there to this day.

Nevertheless, St. Augustine is now considered to be the first European city in the United States where people lived permanently. By the way, the first European city in the USA is San Miguel de Gualdape in Georgia, which was founded in 1526, but was abandoned by settlers after 3 months.

Founded by the Spaniards, but formerly owned by the British, St. Augustine appears before us in a typical colonial style, like, for example, Santa Barbara on the west coast of the United States.