Salvador Dali Museum in Florida

The Dali Museum located in St. Petersburg is the largest collection of the artist’s works outside Europe and the second in the world, after the Dali Theater Museum in Catalonia.

The collection of works was collected by a married couple from Cleveland – Albert Reynolds Morse and Eleanor Reese Morse. They were indelibly impressed by the exhibition of paintings

They were given in 1942 in a local museum and the couple began to collect the artist’s works. The first purchase of the painting took place in 1943 and for more than 40 years the collection has grown to such a size, and there were so many people who wanted to look at it that they had to look for a new place for a full-fledged museum.

In 1971, the collection was exhibited in a specially designated former office building in Beachwood, Ohio, and in 1982, the collection of Dali’s works moved to the museum, located in the central part of the city of St. Petersburg, Florida.

In 2011, a separate museum building was built in the same city on the embankment. Very unusual and beautiful, which immediately became one of the hundred best architectural works of Florida. Now the collection includes 96 oil paintings, more than 100 watercolors and drawings, 1300 graphic works, photographs, sculpture, as well as an extensive archival library.

Telling about this museum and illustrating the narrative with photos (you can view it in detail by clicking and enlarging the picture) from a mobile phone is blasphemy: you need to go and look at the master’s work yourself. Moreover, many paintings look very differently depending on the distance from which you look, at what angle. It is very interesting to consider the details – they were given an incredible amount in the works. Audio accompaniment helps a lot when traveling through the halls of the museum.